Contactless online menu for hospitality industry
Change items and prices in just 2 clicks
Optimize the operation of your restaurant and increase the average check by up to 12-20% in 48 hours
No need to download an app
Collect feedback and resolve issues quickly
Choice will help your business to increase the revenue and to keep on growing
Cutting costs
Savings on menu print - outs and creating PDFs
No need to pay every time you make a change. Edit and create new positions in just 3 clicks.
Savings on commission of delivery services
Receive orders for food delivery and forget about other services huge commissions, which sometimes could reach up to 30-40%
Savings on website development
The online menu by Choice could fully replace the website for your business. No need to pay up to $1000 to web studios to create and maintain a website.
Workforce optimization
Waiters spend less time with clients. Visitors are able to see the photos, the prices and the item descriptions and to make an order on their smartphone.
Income growth
Clients order more
Easy navigation and recommendation banners allow customers to see the whole variety of dishes. Also, with the additional order function, customers are able to re-order, to order more and to pay the bill without a waiter being present, when there are a lot of customers and all staff are busy.
Profit from delivery services and takeaway services
Expand your sales channels - deliver food to your customers and prepare it for takeaway for those who prefer picking it up on site.
Building your own customer base
Collect contacts of previous customers who ordered food online for delivery or takeaway. No need to hand over the contacts to third parties. Use the contacts to send out advertising mailings to gain repeated sales.
Less negative reviews and more satisfied customers
The online menu is offering to customers to leave a review, which will reach you first, rather than being published publicly. Thus, it is possible to reduce the number of negative reviews online and to resolve any conflicts, while the client is still sitting at the table.
Convenience and security
No more waiting for the waiter
Even in the busiest hours, clients could place an order without having to wait for the waiter.
The ability to pre-order
Busy clients with a tight schedule will be able to choose and to place an order on the way to the restaurant, therefore saving time.
Always updated items on the menu
The waiters don't have to keep track of what's available on the menu and what's not. No more having to disappoint a client by coming back to them and saying the dish they chose is not available anymore.
Easy order for foreign language customer
The menu is translated into 99 languages. Foreign clients won't have any trouble choosing a dish and placing an order.
Reducing the risk of spreading viruses
Thanks to contactless ordering, the time of communication between staff and guests is reduced. You take care of the health of every individual in the establishment.
You won't have any difficulties with Choice
Easy to manage
User-friendly admin panel. Add, edit or remove items in just a few minutes.
Suits your style
Set the colors you want, upload a photo of your establishment and post links to social media in a few clicks.
Link access
Clients access your online menu by scanning a QR code or entering a URL into their web browser.
Integrations with popular online business services
More than 3000 businesses around the world are already using Choice
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